Training, Credentials and Transitional Employment

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Training, Credentials and Apprenticeships

Many careers require skills that you may not be prepared for. You may need to upgrade your skills to give you that edge in landing a job and perhaps make a shift to a second career. Work skills, a credential to demonstrate your achievement, and work experience will give job seekers a significant advantage in this complex economy.

Goodwill can help you advance your skills by:

  • Support creating customized training plans that meet your learning and development needs while meeting your employers expectations
  • Help navigating the many training options in schools, colleges and universities, continuing education, career colleges, apprenticeships and on the job training initiatives – short course credentials and certifications, online training, diplomas and degrees.
  • Help accessing funding such as grants or training dollars
  • We also offer a variety of learning options and credentials. Areas we specialized in at Goodwill include:
    • Expert Customer Service
    • Hands on Hospitality
    • Smart Serve
    • First Aid
    • Fork Lift Training
    • Computer/Digital Skills

Work Experience and Transitional Employment

Need to obtain new work experience to get a job? How do I break into the labour market when I don’t have those skills employers are looking for?   Goodwill offers its own large and multifaceted work platform for work experience opportunities, or we can help you achieve a placement in an employer work setting relevant to your career aspirations. We offer:

  • Paid or unpaid internships, co-ops or job shadowing at Goodwill – in areas such as logistics, transportation, retail, customer service, food and hospitality, marketing, human resources and more
  • Transitional employment: ‘earn while you learn’ – Learn and experience the customs and routines of the workplace, acquire job skills, establish an employment record and generate employer references to enhance competitiveness in the job market.
  • Goodwill’s placement team can help you connect with business or organizations that can offer you work experience suited to career aspirations