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Career Tip: How to Control Your Exposure on LinkedIn

By Tom Crouch One of the more frequently encountered concerns expressed about LinkedIn is privacy. While most people on LinkedIn use it as tool for network development and job search, they may not always want to be exposed to random browsers or uninvited “unknowns.” This is a bit of a challenge. After all, one of […]


Making the Most of Your Linkedin Profile

Alright … so someone is looking at your LinkedIn page. Right now. Good! Your new Profile picture is welcoming and inviting, so the viewer moves on to the first key piece of information text that really matters – and it’s probably not your name. It is what is often referred to as “The Headline.” This […]


Why Your LinkedIn Photograph Matters

By Tom Crouch During a recent LinkedIn workshop I was asked, “Do I really have to put up a picture?” The answer is, “Yes, you really do need to post a picture of yourself on your LinkedIn page.” The general resume advice in the past has always been “no personal information” – no photos, no […]