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Hoping for Change

Goodwill Industries, Ontario Great LakesStatement issued by Michelle Quintyn, President and CEOTuesday June 2, 2020 Hi everyone, As we journey through the unprecedented realities of COVID 19 we find ourselves facing another crisis only this one has been haunting us for decades. Upholding values as we do at Goodwill – inclusion, compassion, empathy, and respect […]


Good Will Come

Now is the time to come together as a community to support one another… if you’d like to help us ensure the most vulnerable affected by this crisis are protected, please donate. The coronavirus has shaken our world. And like any challenge it’s teaching us how we can work together to overcome. For Goodwill this […]


Goodwill Packaging and Distributing Hand Sanitizer During COVID-19

  Like any challenge, COVID-19 is teaching us all how we can work together to overcome. Goodwill Industries, Ontario Great Lakes has partnered with Progressive Industrial Fluids Ltd to manufacture and bottle hand sanitizer out of the Goodwill Centre for Social Enterprise and the Environment in London, Ontario. Progressive Fluids is a Mississauga-based company that […]


Donate your electronics at Goodwill

Did you know that you can donate your electronics at Goodwill? All Goodwill Donation Centre locations accept working electronics such as laptops, PCs, tablets, cell phones, televisions, radios and more. Are you a business looking to donate larger quantities of electronics? We can help! Just contact our recycling team here to get started. Together, we […]


CBC Fresh Air Talks about Donating

Consumer maven Citizen Talin was on CBC Fresh Air with Mary Ito to discuss all kinds of information on donating, who’s a charity and who isn’t and even where you can sometimes get tax receipts for your items. Even mattresses can find a new home!

Mary interviewed Goodwill Industries, Ontario Great Lakes’ President and CEO (Michelle Quintyn) and Chief Financial Officer (Terry Off).

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