Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Our mission, helping individuals on their journey to work, integrates on a social enterprise platform that engages citizens in reuse and recycling, thereby diverting millions of pounds of goods from landfill thus helping to sustain the environment. We strive to sell through our Community Stores, all of the donations we receive.

The textiles and goods we cannot sell are directed to a large outlet, recycling and logistics hub where we strive to give goods a ‘second chance’ to sell at much reduced pricing. The remains are recycled as we strive to up-cycle (repackage or re-purpose goods and return to the sales floor), recycle items or commodities to other markets. Our growth has been significant over the years – from 6 commodities recycled in 2007 to 30 today – increasing Goodwill’s waste to landfill diversion rate from 52% of all goods not sold to landfill, to 12%.

Goodwill Industries, Ontario Great Lakes is a proud recipient of the London Chamber of Commerce 2017 Environmental Impact Award.

London Chamber of Commercial Business Achievement Awards Finalist for Environmental Leadership Award