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Secrets to Succeed in School as an Adult Learner

By Nadia Talbot, Employment Counsellor Returning to school as an adult learner can be tough. As the first day of school creeps closer and closer, you grow more excited and anxious. What is the voice in your head saying about the decision? You start worrying that that you’re too old, you’ve been out of school too […]


Why Your LinkedIn Photograph Matters

By Tom Crouch During a recent LinkedIn workshop I was asked, “Do I really have to put up a picture?” The answer is, “Yes, you really do need to post a picture of yourself on your LinkedIn page.” The general resume advice in the past has always been “no personal information” – no photos, no […]


Goodwill partners with Lakeside HOPE House

Goodwill is pleased to become a community partner of Lakeside HOPE House in Guelph! Located at 75 Norfolk St, Lakeside HOPE House runs  a program called HOPE Stylin’. This program provides individuals with the chance to “recycle” gently used clothing to those in need and receive a great haircut from one of their volunteer salon […]


Four Things You Can do to Thrive During a Job Search

  A job search is complicated, takes a great deal of strength and effort, and it’s often discouraging. Here are four ways to stay positive during your job search, and grow from the experience. Establish a routine Without a set schedule or a “boss” to tell you what to do, your routine can easily fall […]


Donate your electronics at Goodwill

Did you know that you can donate your electronics at Goodwill? All Goodwill Donation Centre locations accept working electronics such as laptops, PCs, tablets, cell phones, televisions, radios and more. Are you a business looking to donate larger quantities of electronics? We can help! Just contact our recycling team here to get started. Together, we […]


Goodwill Donates to StopGap London

Recently Goodwill donated to the StopGap London Community Ramp Project. Goodwill agreed to donate $100 towards each of the next 5 ramp projects that StopGap signed up. The response was overwhelming, and we are glad to say that we donated the full $500 to the StopGap London Community Ramp Project! The StopGap London Community Ramp […]


CBC Fresh Air Talks about Donating

Consumer maven Citizen Talin was on CBC Fresh Air with Mary Ito to discuss all kinds of information on donating, who’s a charity and who isn’t and even where you can sometimes get tax receipts for your items. Even mattresses can find a new home!

Mary interviewed Goodwill Industries, Ontario Great Lakes’ President and CEO (Michelle Quintyn) and Chief Financial Officer (Terry Off).

For more CBC Fresh Air Stories click here.



Kristian Bush 'Never Seen A Hearse With a Trailer Hitch' #giveitaway Promotion“The song, ‘Trailer Hitch’ says, ‘I may not have that much but I don’t mind spreading it around.’ Almost everyone knows someone who is struggling to make ends meet and unemployment in our country is still a problem. The simple act of giving away what you no longer need to Goodwill can help someone find a job. That’s pretty amazing to me.”
– Kristian Bush


Goodwill serves people through job training, employment placement and support services such as child care, financial education, youth mentoring and transportation. We help anyone who faces challenges finding employment.

We cannot do this work without the support of donors and shoppers, who help make this mission possible. Join Kristian in supporting Goodwill and donate what you no longer need.


My Story: Brenda

Brenda has experienced many personal and physical challenges.  Having a learning disability made school a challenge for her; Brenda was often ridiculed and quit school after losing her parents at a young age.  Later as a single parent, she struggled financially, physically, and emotionally.



Brenda Burnett – Goodwill’s 2013 Power of Work Award Winner (Achiever of the Year)

Brenda got her start at Goodwill by completing the eight-week work experience program.  She was hired as a hanger/sorter and has since gained enough confidence to move to the sales floor and cash.  She is now responsible for counting and balancing her register every day, providing customer service, merchandising, running and attending the fitting rooms.

Brenda has grown into a self-assured individual who never gives up, no matter how big the obstacle in her way.  Brenda is constantly trying to better herself and is currently taking classes through Literacy London to improve her education.  Her advice to others, “Do not give up, it is never too late to make changes that will improve your life.  And Goodwill can help you get there.”

Brenda was nominated and won Goodwill’s 2013 Acheiver of the Year Award at the Power of Work Awards.  View her video here:

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