Hoping for Change

Hoping for Change. #BlackLivesMatter.

Goodwill Industries, Ontario Great Lakes

Statement issued by Michelle Quintyn, President and CEO
Tuesday June 2, 2020

Hi everyone,

As we journey through the unprecedented realities of COVID 19 we find ourselves facing another crisis only this one has been haunting us for decades. Upholding values as we do at Goodwill – inclusion, compassion, empathy, and respect – and knowing that we embrace principles of fairness, equity and justice, it is hard to believe that here we stand in 2020 concerned that all people are not treated fairly.

The truth we all know is that there are many injustices in our world. Too many of our citizens find themselves on the edges of society – isolated, disconnected, struggling to make ends meet… and often it is striking the disproportionate representation among those who struggle when it comes to race, age, disability or even a postal code or community in which someone resides.

Like many of you I have been attached to the news and keep hoping for a breakthrough in justice, in righting the wrong, for peace, and above all for a glimmer of optimism that systemic change will follow.

Where I turn for that hope is Goodwill. We are by no means perfect but we do start and hopefully finish with a belief system that every person no matter their race, barriers they face or where they come from… should have the same thing – dignity, meaning, respect, connection, wellness and sustenance. And of course, we also believe that what matters in life can come from WORK and the embrace of a working community that cares.

Yesterday former US President Barack Obama weighed in:
“It falls on all of us, regardless of our race or station — including the majority of men and women in law enforcement who take pride in doing their tough job the right way, every day — to work together to create a ‘new normal’ in which the legacy of bigotry and unequal treatment no longer infects our institutions or our hearts.”

Let’s all hope together and do our best to do the right thing and uphold the right values – values that let us all stand and work together.

Keep caring!


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