Goodwill Success Story: Kathy

Goodwill Success Story: Kathy

From Kathy Jones – St. Thomas Community Store Employee

Goodwill Success Story - KathyI always had a dream of owning a brand-new car but never thought it was possible. I’ve worked at Goodwill for approximately five years and during that time, I’ve had at least four cars. I rely on my car to get to and from work as I live outside the city of St. Thomas and I’ve been constantly buying “fixer-uppers” that were always in need of some repair or another.

I am a single person and responsible for all of the bills myself. When the Financial Literacy program was offered to Goodwill employees, I signed up and learned about budgeting and managing my money. In the course, I learned about impulse buying, which was one of my main problems. While we don’t make a lot of money, I learned that dreams are possible on any budget with some knowledge, some willpower, and some determination.

One Sunday, my son and I decided to take a look at some new cars on a couple of lots. And there it was, my dream car – a white 2014 Kia Rio!

We went back the next day and I talked to the salesperson and found out that having my own brand new car was possible for me.

It’s important not to ever give up on your dreams – with determination and the right choices, they can come true!