Goodwill Partners with The Children’s Aid Society Oxford County

Goodwill Partners with The Children's Aid Society Oxford County

Goodwill, Ontario Great Lakes is proud to become a community partner of The Children’s Aid Society Oxford County. 

Children's Aid Society Oxford LogoEstablished in 1895, the Society is one of 47 Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario. The Children’s Aid Society is a non-profit, charitable community agency that provides guidance, counseling and other services to families for the protection of children.  The agency helps to build healthy families by working with parents to address concerns and resolve issues that impact on a child’s safety and well-being. The Society provides safe, nurturing environments for youngsters that cannot live at home for short-term and long-term periods.

With the support of Goodwill, we hope that The Children’s Aid Society can reach more families within the community to provide families and children with clothing and other items that they need.

For more information on all of the great things that The Children’s Aid Society does or to get in contact, you can visit their website here.