Four Things You Can do to Thrive During a Job Search

Four Things You Can do to Thrive During a Job Search


Photo of Job Seeker section in newspaperA job search is complicated, takes a great deal of strength and effort, and it’s often discouraging. Here are four ways to stay positive during your job search, and grow from the experience.

  1. Establish a routine

Without a set schedule or a “boss” to tell you what to do, your routine can easily fall apart, resulting in loss of motivation and energy. Get up at the same time every day, and do something that gives you energy. Treat your job search like a job, with scheduled daily and weekly tasks and achievable targets.  Creating and sticking to a plan will help you get things done, and give you a daily sense of accomplishment.

  1. Take care of yourself

The job search can be draining. Do things that you enjoy, that build vitality and refill your mental and physical tank—exercise, crafting, cooking, whatever.  Get the right amount of sleep and make sure you eat well. Building good habits that will carry you through future challenges and help you thrive.

  1. Stay connected

There are lots of reasons to stay connected during your job search, whether it be with friends, family, the community, or your job search network.  Your friends and family can help you get through this particular rough patch, just as you will see them through their own bad times.

Connecting with your community and network also brings multiple benefits.  Whether you join a club, take a class, or get help with your job search, be sure to stay active and engaged.  One of the best things you can do is volunteer. All these things can help bring you in contact with positive people, and might even lead to your next job.

  1. Stay Positive and Practice Gratitude

Unemployment can be rough, and it’s easy to focus on the negative.  Instead, train yourself to tune into your thoughts.  Go for accuracy, positivity, and strategy—for example, “This is a tough situation, but I’m staying focused, open, and hopeful” or “I’m working my plan.”

People who reflect on their blessings experience increased life satisfaction, better sleep, and performance. Sounds pretty good, right?  Reflect on things that you are grateful for. You’ll be surprised at the how this will increase your optimism.

Remember, plenty of very successful people have struggled with unemployment. This is a hard time, but it is also an opportunity for personal growth. Take care of yourself, work your plan, stay connected, and look for meaning in the tough stuff.  This is a temporary experience that you can use to become wiser and stronger.