Goodwill ♥’s Earth Day

Goodwill ♥'s Earth Day!

20 Minute Makeover at Horton Street (London)Goodwill participated in Earth Week events across Southwestern Ontario in 2017! Team members cleaned up properties and parks, and spread awareness about recycling, re-use, and important environmental initiatives.

Property Makeovers

A surprising amount of litter collects along fences, treelines and curbs in the Spring once the snow clears. Goodwill team members didn’t have to travel far to get rid of bags of debris and recyclables that were picked up around our own properties.

Community Clean Up at Watson ParkCommunity Clean Up

As part of London Clean & Green, Goodwill coordinated a cleanup of Watson Park in London, Ontario.  1 tonne of garbage was removed from the park and nearby river… tires, bicycles, mattresses, furniture, hundreds of plastic bottles + more. This is the second year Goodwill has hosted this community clean up, and people were so eager to help that they took bags beyond the designated area to clean nearby green spaces.

Woodstock Property Clean Up 2017Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) Cups:

Goodwill partnered with the City of London to hand out 700 FOG cups to staff and donors on April 15th to protect our lakes.  The fat collected from dirty dishes, pans, or even old salad dressing is collected in the cups, stored in your freezer, and when full can be either thrown in the garbage or taken to your local Enviro Depot to create green energy!! 


Want to get involved?

Look for local tree planting events or an Adopt-a-Park in your neighbourhood!  There are plenty of ways to beautify and green your community.


Did You Know?

Did you know that Goodwill won an Environmental Impact Award in 2017? We sustain the environment by diverting millions of pounds of goods from landfill each year. Learn more by reading about our sustainability and environmental impact.