How To Donate

How to Donate

Being a job creator is easy! Just follow these three steps:

Step 1: Gather Your Stuff

Gather and collect clothing, shoes, books, computers, electronics, household and recreational items you and your family no longer need – that shirt that’s been hanging in the back of your closet for years, the toy trike your child has outgrown, the holiday gift you never quite found a place for. Clothing is our most desired donation as there is high need in our communities but we will take all kinds of stuff – even those old computers, cables, phones and other electronics cluttering up your home.

Step 2: Give the Items a Look Over/ What We Accept

Donating items that are in working condition, contain all of their pieces and parts, and are free of stains and rips is the best way to ensure that your goods do the most good.

While we accept most all clothing and household items, there are a few things we can’t accept – such as items that are hazardous, too heavy, or have been recalled, banned or do not meet current safety standards.

Please note: We can recycle your old, outdated and broken electronics, as well as expired household batteries at all of our locations.  We can also accept heavy furniture at certain locations where we are more equipped.  If in doubt, contact us.

Step 3: Donate to a Goodwill Near You

Use our locator to find your nearest Goodwill drop-off location, addresses and hours of operation. Just pull up or walk in. Our attendants will help you unload.

Tax Receipt Eligibility

Goodwill is a registered charity and your donation may qualify for a tax deductible receipt. Please contact the store manager before dropping off your donation if you are interested in a tax receipt for your donation.